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A Message from Rod the World Champion Sharkfighter


Hi, welcome to my website.  It's early days in planning for my lecture tour, Sharkfighting for Beginners.  I don't have much time to devote to it right now.  Shark fighting comes first.  When I have tour dates confirmed, they will be announced here.


With time, this site will grow.  There'll be pages on sharkfighting techniques, movie downloads, medical tips and loads more.


This is me, Rod, with my world championship trophy, The Golden Galeocerdo.  Here's hoping I retain my title.  Twice more and I get to keep this gleaming beauty.  One in the eye for that bragging no-hoper Geordie McQueen.  It's solid gold, no expense spared.  Made from gold particles extracted from seawater by EcoParvenium SA.  Took 'em fifteen years it and seventeen Terawatts of electricity to filter it all.  That's dedication for you; that's the kind of sponsor a sport needs.  It doesn't matter to them that it cost 6,712 times more to make than if they'd bought the gold from a pawnbroker.  Oh no, they wanted to prove it could be done and I respect them for that.


Notice how quick my fingers have healed.  And my left eye.  The right one too.  The replacement jaw is doing very nicely, as is the cranial plate.  Oh, and my new knees go in next week.


I want to send a big thank you to everyone who's offered to donate body parts.  It's great that you're thinking of me, but, please, do me a favour: don't send any more internal organs in the mail.  The leaking blood upsets the postman - and gets the neighbours' dogs over-excited.




Rod (the World Champion Sharkfighter)

Tip of the Week


You don't become world champion by fighting basking sharks


Geordie McQueen, I'm talking about you and you know it.

You've gotta train on something which can bite back.  A mako or hammerhead will do for starters.


Sharkfighter TV


It's a hard life being a sharkfighter.  Here's some examples from my life.


Starring: Jamie Smelt

Written: Martin Belderson

Make-up: Zena Marsh

A comedy devised by Martin Belderson and Neil Dorman

Four Winds Productions