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Tilting at the Oscars Windmills


Do you want to be part of an attempt to become an Oscar fairytale?  I am going to make a short film good enough to win awards at film festivals, a film potentially strong enough to get an Oscar nomination. 


Faster, Sharper, Smarter is about the con men who prey upon the emotionally vulnerable.  It is a subject that makes me angry, passionately so, and is why I felt driven to write the screenplay.


I have had a lot of success in the industry: devising more than twenty hours of original television and know there is, of course, no guarantee that the film will go all the way to Hollywood.  However, I reckon I have the story and script to achieve my aim and that is why I am offering you the chance to join this crowd funded adventure.


Thank you,

Martin Belderson

Director, Four Winds.


Four Winds Productions