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Writing and production on stage or online.


We currently have one project in pre-production: an online radio sitcom called The Buffet Car.


A one-man stage show, Sharkfighter, is in development for 2014.

The Buffet Car

A comedy about the buffet car crew of an inter-city train travelling the route from Scotland and the North East to London.  They have to cope with the needy, the neurotic, and the stupid (and that’s just Archie the Guard).



Episode 1:  Sian's First Day

Episode 2:  The Great Enemy

Episode 3:  Sian's Hotties

Episode 4:  Going Nowhere

Episode 5:  The White Mice

Episode 6:  The King's Cross Incident



The show will be transmitted on South Leeds Community Radio and available as a podcast.  Transmission times and posting dates will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.  6x30'.

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